The need for Managment of Anaphylaxis training in our schools and nurseries

Hi from RH Training Services,
I felt the need to write this blog after an increase of cases in the West Midlands and in the UK of cases of children dying from anaphylactic shock (a severe allergic reaction) whilst they were at school or in their childcare setting. This is disturbing for a Fist Aid training provider that ensures the management of anaphylaxis course are available for schools and childcare providers to attend and feel competent in using a child auto injector should they suffer an attack.

Whilst reading the influx of articles in the media, it was reported that on many of the occasions an ambulance was called and the auto injector was not administered. Adrenaline is the gold standard treatment for anaphylaxis and should be administered as quickly as possible should an attack occur.

Our Immediate management of Anaphylaxis course ensures school staff and childcare provision staff would be trained to use different types of auto injector e.g. EpiPen and Jext. The course also covers DR ABC, CPR, triggers of anaphylaxis along with much more. This is a vital course for anyone looking after children.

Thank You for taking the time to read our Blog.

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