Preparing for the icy and cold winter conditions with some First Aid at Work and Health and Safety tips.

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With winter nearly upon us the risk to ourselves, colleagues and employees increases with trips, slips and falls and other winter incidents on the rise. Slips, trips and falls are the number 1 health and safety incident that happens within the workplace within the UK, add ice and freezing temperatures to the mix and the risk increases. Your company should have a dynamic risk assessment in place to cover the increased risk to workers that the drop in temperature brings, such as appropriate clothing, specific PPE and environmental control measure’s that will inevitably reduce the overall risk.

We have supplied some tips below from signs and symptoms to first aid treatment for injuries sustained due to freezing temperatures:

Broken arm or leg:
A broken arm or leg could be the result from a slip, trip or fall on the ice.

Signs and symptoms: swelling around the site of the break, instant bruising, pain at the site of break, protruding bone.

Treatment: encourage the casualty to support their injured limb and keep it as still as possible, for a broken leg you could consider strapping the injured leg to the uninjured leg to provide extra support. Call 999 or 112 and seek medical treatment. For a broken arm consider using a triangular bandage from your first aid at work first aid kit to create a sling to help support the arm (your First aid at work first aider should know how to do this from their course). You could also use a safety pin to pin the sleeve of the casualties top to the opposite shoulder area of their top.

Sprained or strained ankle:

Signs and symptoms: The casualty will feel pain around the ankle area, they may experience swelling and bruising.
Treatment: Raise their ankle slightly, apply an ice pack (DO NOT apply ice directly onto the skin). Seek medical advice.

Head injury:

Signs and symptoms: Witness the injury, a bump appears, bruising around the impacted area, confusion, short term memory loss, blurred vision.

Treatment: Lie casualty down, cushion their head to raise in slightly, apply an ice pack to the bumped area, reassure them, keep them warm and keep talking to them. Seek medical advice if concussion is suspected.

We hope you have found this article useful and it has jogged the memory of any first aid at work trained personnel through the West Midlands and UK nationwide.

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