How to help asthma sufferers more comfortable in the workplace with some simple tips.

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We’re back with some useful First Aid at Work tips to help improve the physical health of your employees or colleagues. Asthma symptoms are set to increase as the days grow colder and an increase in triggers come with the winter months. Triggers such as cold, mould and chest infections might mean that some of your staff start to suffer more. We have listed some triggers and provided some simple tips on how to advise your staff or colleagues to avoid asthma affecting their health this winter.

Cold and damp surroundings

Pop a scarf onto cover and warm your chest, loosely putting a scarf over your nose and mouth will also warm the air that you breath in.

Dust mites and mould spores

Dust mites love central heating and often multiply in the winter months, if asthma sufferers are complaining of this to the first aiders in your workplace get them to speak to their GP to see if anti-histamines would work. Mould spores also like to multiply with wet and damp conditions, therefore again gain advice from a GP about the use of ant-histamines.

As a First Aid at work first aider one way you can minimise the risk of an asthma attack is to sit down with your asthma sufferers and write an asthma action plan for the workplace. This quick process could help your workplace asthma sufferers to determine what their triggers are and seek further advice or visit for some more detailed coping methods. A First aid at work first aider can also ensure all asthma sufferers have their medication and prescribed inhalers readily available within the workplace.

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