Health & Safety and First aid in construction

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High risk industries require the focus on First aid and Health & Safety to be paramount within their business operations. Statistics show that construction is one of the most high risk industries for workplace injuries or time off required because of a workplace illness. This is costing construction companies time and money, with a shocking 2.3 million working days lost within the construction industry between 2014/2015-2016/2017. When the statistic are broken down and detail the result of those industries it will make you consider whether your First Aid and Health and Safety training provider is competent and just how important adequate training from professionals is to your business.

The three most common non fatal injuries within the construction workplace:
24% from slips, trips and falls from the same level
21% injured whilst handling, lifting or carrying
18% construction workers falling from an elevated height

A large 21% of injuries resulted from manual handling, manual handling training is a necessity for all construction workers. Having a high ratio of first aid trained personnel on-site ensures quick action, limited escalation to injuries and promotes a speedy recovery ensuring healthy, committed and confident staff.

RH Training Services can train within your working environment, for convenience and ensuring that the environment is familiar to your employees making all training relevant and engaging. The guaranteed low cost of our courses ensures more staff can be trained to provide the best standard of first aid needed if an injury was to happen. Our First Aid qualifications page include First Aid at Work and Emergency first aid at work which are ideal courses for your employees to undertake to feel confident with their on-site first a abilities.

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