First aid and CPR soon to be part of the National school curriculum

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Some great news for the improvement of our children’s First Aid skills, the government have revealed plans to add CPR and First Aid to the National curriculum by 2020. The evidence shows the nationwide teaching of the life saving skills will improve the out of hospital cardiac arrest survival rates dramatically, not just in the West Midlands, but nationwide. Countries where the teaching of CPR and First aid is a compulsory requirement within schools show a large improvement in out of hospital cardiac arrest survival rates. Norway has made First Aid and CPR a compulsory requirement for many years, and boast a 25% survival rate for out of hospital cardiac arrests, in comparison to the UK at 10%. RH Training services want to improve these statistics now by teaching First Aid courses in the West Midlands and nationwide using our fantastic MINI MEDICS brand enabling children to understand First Aid from the age they are able to deliver it. Contact us for more information about MINI MEDICS today.

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