First Aid advice- Choking

Merry Christmas! we hope you’ve had one filled with love and food. However first aid incidents increase around the home at this time of year, whether it’s cutting yourself whilst carving the turkey, burning yourself on the oven, falling over after a few too many sherries or a child choking on one too many sweets.

We would like to concentrate on choking because a severe airway obstruction will escalate fast and can very quickly become a life threatening situation. Part of our first aid at work course, emergency first aid at work course, paediatric first aid and emergency paediatric first aid courses all cover choking and what to do in a severe airway obstruction. We use some fantastic equipment to demonstrate a realistic scenario as far as possible.

Treatment of a choking casualty….
Step one- Ask the casualty of they are choking (this is to encourage them to speak) if your casualty can’t speak this is the first sign of a severe airway obstruction.

Step two- Ask the casualty to try to cough, if they are unable to cough then this confirms a severe airway obstruction.

Step three- Give the casualty 5 back blows with the heel of your hand between their shoulder blades whilst encouraging them to bend over slightly. Remember to check if the obstruction has come out after each blow. a

Step four- Give 5 abdominal thrusts (in and up around the diaphragm) check in-between each abdominal thrust that the object has not become dislodged.

Step five- If 5 back blows and 5 abdominal thrusts have not dislodged what is causing the severe airway obstruction then phone for an ambulance immediately. You must them continue 5 back blows and 5 abdominal thrusts until medical help arrives, until the obstruction is cleared or until the casualty stops breathing normally and you must commence CPR.

We hope our blog is helpful today, and has either instilled new knowledge for the treatment of choking or refreshed your knowledge of first aid for choking.

Our course content goes into a lot of detail on the subject of choking. We offer in-house First aid at work courses and paediatric first aid courses across the UK and West Midlands

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Merry Christmas/Happy New Year and stay safe

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