Are you meeting your Health and Safety requirements?

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As a new year approaches and successful trading continues into 2019 for many businesses we wanted to ensure you and your business are meeting the health and safety requirements for your industry. Many employers heavily consider the health and safety needs of their customer/clients/children/residents because their industry has set guidelines they need to follow e.g. a nursery must have a ratio of staff paediatric first aid trained and a residential home must ensure risk assessments are completed for each resident. However many often neglect the health and safety needs of their staff. Therefore we have compiled a list and some polite reminders to ensure your staff have the adequate training and all health and safety requirements are met through the Health and Safety at work act 1974.
1. Have you completed up to date risk assessments for staff working in different areas?
2. Has a risk assessment been completed for each room of your business buildings?

3. Have you considered ALL of your training needs? e.g. nurseries are also required First Aid at Work qualified personnel if the nursery employs more than 5 people. Has all staff attended and received qualifications for general induction training e.g. Fire Safety awareness courses, health and safety courses, manual handling courses and relevant First aid courses. This induction training is proven to decrease time of work for work related illnesses and injuries due to better training.

4. Are you up to date with any health and safety changes within your industry? please see our HSE link on our site.
5. Have you adapted risk assessments to suit the weather. Staff should have adequate PPE if working in extremely cold conditions (14 degrees and lower) and consider more breaks in warm areas with hot drinks available for a better production rate.
6. Do you hold staff meetings focused on health and safety and allow staff to voice their concerns, this can benefit staff morale and staff could pick up on health and safety issues that you may have missed.

7. Is all your staff training up to date? are your renewal dates coming up? contact us via our contact page or call us to arrange first aid courses, manual handling courses, fire safety courses and health and safety courses.
8.Have you allowed for staff absences in qualified personnel? ensure enough staff are trained to cover your business, difficulties should not arise from a health and safety issue.
9.Have you shopped around for the best rate and for quality training. Consider trying a new organisation if you are not happy with the standard of training your employees are receiving.

10. Any health and safety, first aid, manual handling and fire safety queries please contact RH Training Services and we will do our best to assist you.

We hope you have found this blog useful, below is a reminder of the courses we offer should you need them:

First Aid at Work
Emergency First Aid at Work
Paediatric First Aid (OFSTED and EYFS approved)
Emergency paediatric First Aid
Immediate management of anaphylaxis

Manual Handling Level 2
Health and Safety Level 1 & 2
Fire Safety awareness
Fire Safety

We will soon be offering mental health first aid in early 2019, this is something we feel very strongly about at RH Training Services. If you would like to enquire about when we will be offering this qualification or to make a 2019 booking please contact us under first aid or give us a call.

Thank you again for reading our Blog and Merry Christmas.

Managing Director
RH Training Services Limited

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